How to Free More Memory Space on Android Device.

The more you use your smartphone like Downloading and using Android App often consumes Memory space on Android Device. Well some Android Device has a lot of Space though matter what is downloaded and used but others Don't and in some cases, Android With low space will always give Problem upon Upon and this can be attributed to Not been able to Download from Google Play store.

Of Cause what you will notice is that there will be a prompt message that Device has "Low memory" or "insufficient Memory" which Can bring up mixed feelings about what next to Do? Well this is a comprehensive post on How to Free More Memory Space on Android Device.

The Suggested methods when being followed thoroughly will Make you free more Memory Space on Android Device. So Read Along as you Can to implement these Methods.

How To Free More Memory Space on Android Device.

Delete Stale Download: Old Pictures, Documents and other unimportant files that are no more needed should be Deleted or cleared on your Android Device. So always check out All Download Folders to see your Stale Files of pictures, Video and Files on your Android Device. The use of file manager can be important in this stance.

Clear Cache & App Data: 
Cache Generally are store House of Data both on the internet and App, So whenever an android is being use, Some Data are store on the app without the knowledge of the users, storing cache automatically will definitely Eat up part of Your Memory storage.

How To Clear Cache & App Data

>> Go to the App and Hold for some seconds

>> Drag the App to app info and there you will see two options to clear App Data and Clear Cache

>> You can as well Go to Settings>>Storage>>App

Moving apps and Heavy files to SDcard: 

Yeah, this will invariably let you to Save or free more memory Space on Android device. App with large file Size will definitely consumes memory space on Android. There for apps which is greater or more than 10MB is suggested to be moved to SDcatd to free up more memory space on Android so you can utilize the remaining memory space for other Download and use.

If You are Running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you can make use of your SDcard memory + phone storage with the below steps.

Step 1: Insert your SDcard Running on Android Marshmallow and follow the next step

Step 2: Go to Settings>>Storage and Memory 

Step 3:  Locate external SD card under the ‘Portable storage’ section and tap

Step 4: locate the three-dot menu at the top-right and Tap on ‘Settings

Step 5:  Option to see is Eject, Format, Format as Internal and Movie Media. Now among these option, Choose ‘Format as internal’.

Step 6: A messege will popup which say  your microSD card will be erased completely and will only work on that particular device.then you are required to Click on ‘Erase and Format’.

Step 7: After the whole process above, Your MicroSD card will then serve as internal memory/storage.

Lite App Reduce Memory Usage:
You will have notice this lately when some Android App Developer Release Lite Versions of their App which usually is of Low File Size and the commonest is Facebook Lite App which is just 1MB and this is Always faster when making use of it than using through their usual file size or website and Another good example is Twitter Lite.

Back up photos and video to Google Drive and delete from your phone:
You can download Google Drive or Google photos from Play store to save your important files such as Documents, photos, videos which you can stored as much as you can. Google Drive for instance gives free 15GB memory space to store your important photos and videos on your Android. Backing up on this has to make use of Strong Wi-Fi or fast mobile internet connection.

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These are the ways Spybaze Blogs suggest to free more memory space on Android Device. Readers if you have other methods and suggested, Drop your comments below and share this post.

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